Dellcott Family Tennis Club - Tournament Rules

Club Tournament

The Dellcott Family Club Tournament is an opportunity for all our members to enjoy a friendly competitiv
e knockout event, which culminates on Finals Day. This day is one of the highlights of the Club’s year when all members, their families and friends are welcome at the Club.

The following simple rules are designed to aid the smooth running of the competition. Players must complete the various rounds by the due dates.

Download entry forms, with Tournament date and entry rules.


1. Matches are the best of three sets with tie-breaks applicable in all three sets in the event of the score reaching six games all.

2. It is the responsibility of both players and doubles pairings to make contact ASAP with their opponents to maximise the amount of time available to fulfil fixture. Please do not make arrangements to play matches after the date given as the end of the round.

3. If one of the players or doubles pairings are unable to fulfil the fixture in the allotted time for whatever reason then their opponent(s) will be awarded a walkover. The tournaments organisers must be notified.

4. If neither player or both doubles pairings are unable to fulfil the fixture then the result will be determined by a toss of a coin by the tournament organiser. The tournament organisers must be notified.

5. The day after the date given as the end of the round the tournament organisers will visit the club house and update the tournament progress sheet. They will make the necessary arrangements to close the round.

6. A notice of outstanding matches will be posted on the clubhouse outside notice board 1 week prior to the end of the round.

7. The winners of matches are responsible for writing up the results on the draw chart in the clubhouse immediately after the match is completed.   And, the winning team MUST inform Gary Fitzpatrick of the result by e-mail

8. If you cannot make Finals Day please do not enter the competition.

9. If, after entering, you learn you can no longer make Finals Day, please withdraw your entry, letting the Organiser, your next opponent(s) and, if appropriate, doubles partner know immediately.

10. In the event of a player withdrawing from the tournament, the Organiser will decide who should go through to the next round. The Organiser will also have the discretion to introduce a new doubles player if it is in the interest of the tournament to do so.

11. In the event of a dispute, the Organiser’s ruling, which may be made in consultation with Club Committee members, is final. Please help to make the tournament run smoothly by organising and playing your matches within the allotted time frame. 

12. Tournament entries are on a first-come-first-served basis. This is important 
particularly for the mixed doubles, as not everyone may be able to play.  Please get your entries in promptly to get the best chance of a place.