Dellcott Family Tennis Club - Policies and Rules

Playing at Dellcott Family Tennis Club

Members can often just turn up and play at Dellcott.
What do you do if all the courts are full?

If you turn up and the courts are all full (almost never!!), we operate a 20 minute rule to make sure that everyone gets to play some tennis.  The people playing are obliged to finish their play within 20 mins, and either invite you to join them, or give you the court.  The exceptions to this rule are the league matches, and any prebooked tournament matches which take priority.


There are no extra charges for playing tennis at the club once you have joined as members.  If you bring non-members to play with you, please pay £3 to the club treasurer for each non-member.

Wimbledon ticket Draw at Dellcott

The rules regarding the Wimbledon Ticket Draw can be obtained from the membership secretary on request.

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

Dellcott Family Tennis Club is a member of the Lawn Tennis Association and fully subscribes to the LTA Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy (see link below).  If you have any queries regarding child protection please speak to a committee member.

Dellcott Data Privacy Policy

See separate document: Data Privacy Policy v1.0.pdf