Dellcott Family Tennis Club - Club Sessions

Dellcott's club sessions take place on Thursday evenings from 6pm until dusk during Spring and Summer.  At each session, there will be a committee member or volunteer organising the games so that everyone gets plenty of court time and in enjoyable fours.

We are now operating a Club Night sign up so that you can see who will be there.  If you think that you can make to the club night, just send an e-mail to Mike Dunton to add you to the circulation for club night.  Mike's contact details can be found on the Contact us link on the left hand side.

Hope to see you up at the club for a game ..... if not this Thursday then soon..

For those that have not been before, the format is doubles, playing 7 games with single point deuce.  Winners play winners, losers play losers.  Games last on average 30 mins or so, so there's never too much waiting time.

Bring milk and Biscuits for tea!

Start time 6pm ish to dusk.

Suggested Rota for Order of Play for Club Sessions

For 12 or more people playing doubles on 3 courts, the suggested rota for play is:

Each match is to play 7 games with single point deuce.

At the end of each round, 

The Winners:

The winners of Court 1 match stay on Court 1

The winners of Court 2 match move to Court 1

The winners of Court 3 match move to Court 2

The Losers

The losers of Court 1 match move to Court 2 

The losers of Court 2 match move to Court 3

The losers of Court 3 match stay on Court 3

For each round, the pairs split to ensure that no pair dominates play.

If there are more than 12 people, new players take the place of the losers on Court 3, unless anyone else wants a rest!

This is just a suggested order of play - if anyone else has any ideas, please contact Mike Dunton