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09 Jun 2019

Dellcott family Tennis Club

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Hi ##firstname##,

We hope you're enjoying your tennis this season so far! 

There's certainly been a hive of activity at the club and we'd like you to share your stories with us.  We have lots of members of all abilities and interests and it would be great for us to all feel part of the tournaments, competitions, coaching and social events, even when we aren't there in person.

How can I get involved?

Like us on Facebook @Dellcotttennis.
You can post pictures, questions, comments on this page.  It's public, so anyone can see what is going on.  We use it to promote the activities we have going on at the club.  We'd really love you to share what you are up to at the club or anything tennis related - some new kit, a different technique, that elusive win, that crushing loss - let your club mates share in the ups and downs! 

Follow us on Instagram.  We'll post some stories and bits of interest about tennis and the club.

The best bit about sharing is getting to know what is important to all our club members - what's working and what needs improving. Your posts will help to make sure the club focuses on the right things for the future.

We look forward to hearing more from you soon!